What do we offer?
Giggle Australia offers a complete set of silicone bowl, cup and spoon in four fun colors; BLUE, GREEN, PINK & PURPLE. Our products are bundled in a variety of value packs to suit every family’s needs! See 'our products' page for further details. 

What size is the bowl?
The 600ml bowl is designed to be non-tip and self-correcting to avoid the little ones spilling their food in those early stages of starting to eat independently. The outside is slightly textured for grip and the inside is smooth which ensures they remain easy to clean. Small handle like grips on the outside make them easy to carry and with a capacity of 600ml, no meal is too big or small.

What size is the cup?
The 250ml cup is perfectly rounded and tapered from top to bottom allowing their little hands to easily wrap around and carry themselves. With the outside being slightly textured and some flex designed into the cup, your little one will be able to squeeze with just the right amount of pressure.

What age is the spoon suitable for?
The spoon is soft and pliable for your little ones gums. It can be used right from the beginning when starting solids with your babe, up to as long as they love it throughout their childhood! Designed to bend and flex with our bowls and cups, the slightly wider flat ‘bill’ will enable them to scoop up their food easily. It can even be used as a teether!

Who is our tableware for? 
Whilst Giggle Australia products are targeted at little ones, the size, shape and durability have proven to be hugely popular with all ages. Giggle Australia has supplied to travelers, aged care, the disability sector and childcare facilities with our amazing silicone bowl, cup and spoons.

Can our product be recycled?
YES! Silicone can be recycled multiple times. However, silicone usually has to be sent to a specialized recycling company to be recycled. When properly recycled, or sent to a company’s take-back program, silicone can be down-cycled into an oil that can be used as industrial lubricant, playground mulch, or another lesser product.

What are our silicone products made of, and where does it come from?
An earth element called silica that is found in sand. The majority of our silica comes from one of the largest silica mines located in Cape Flattery, QLD (approximately 200 km north of Cairns in Far North Queensland!) Cape Flattery Silica Mine.

What packaging do we use?
Please excuse, we reuse! We vow to reuse every piece of packaging we receive here at Giggle HQ. So please don’t get upset when your package isn’t as pretty as other stores on the outside. What’s on the inside is what counts! With any additional packing materials that we need, every effort is made to use recycled, recyclable or reused products. We also accept all donations from friends and family of packing materials to prevent further waste. And encourage you to do the same!
All our packs come in a handmade recycled cotton bag that can be reused over and over again for whatever you like! Wash bag, toy sack, produce bag, ANYTHING!


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