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If you’re wondering why our Giggle brand is all about that beautiful, innocent laughter we hear pour from the happy faces of our little ones… It’s because we’re all about keeping our children happy and healthy throughout their precious lives, through until the day they’re ready to fly the nest.

In wanting the very best for our kids we’ve designed Giggle Australia’s range of environmentally and child-friendly tableware, which are rapidly phasing out shorter-lifespan, harmful plastics from our households.

Constructed from extremely long-lasting food grade silicone, our products are made to last and will be forever healthy for your little ones to eat from. They can handle even the harshest environments, from the frosty Antarctic to Australia’s dry red centre and the humid Wet Tropics, so you can freeze and even bake meals in the oven with them – they’re that tough! And they come in four FUN colours that kids absolutely adore… vibrant green, blue, purple and pink.

Proudly owned and run by the Richards family, based in Cairns, Far North Queensland, Giggle Australia is a product born in the Tropics that is proudly Australian owned and operated.

Alyce, Giggle’s fearless leader and the lady of the house, is a passionate advocate for leading the community to adopt environmentally-friendly practices – from waste management to efficient household design and sustainable eating choices.

Throughout my life I’ve grown up in beautiful places across Australia, and I know the value of protecting the natural environment in our backyard. So when the idea of producing and sharing long-lasting, environmentally-friendly silicone tableware with our community presented itself we grabbed it with both horns. We really couldn’t be happier with our Giggle gear!

Having grown up in North Queensland over the last 20 years, Alyce learned the hacks to minimal-footprint living from her family, friends and environmentally-minded community. Having lived with her best mate, an ecologist, for years, she not only adopted sustainable-living best practice but has become a voice in the North for clean living.

After bringing my beautiful little boy Donivan (‘Donnie’) into the world in early 2018, we, as a family have become even more eco-conscious.

While feeding Donnie from what seemed to be a reputable-brand plastic bowl one day, I noticed my little man about to eat pieces of plastic that had flaked off into his food… After snatching the bowl away and sorting him some fresh food in another plastic bowl – and going through all my tableware looking for faults – I vowed to find better eating options for my family.

As great luck would have it, I recalled a family friend Nicky, who had encountered similar epiphany years earlier as her young family of four was growing, also vowing to find a better option. After significant research, Nicky decided silicone was the best option and set about designing her own moulds to suit the way her little ones ate – tip-proof, droppable, and tough in all environments.

Giggle Australia was born at that moment, in 2008, and instantly became popular in Nicky’s marketing network. As life would have it she had to take up a position with her family business and no longer champion Giggle, but that’s where I, Alyce came along at precisely the right time and decided to take the reins of Giggle and continue to make these incredible products available to the Australian community.

Since buying and running Giggle from March 2019, the Richards family have become pioneers in waste reduction and provision of child-safe eatery, and plan to make their evolving range of tableware available across Australia in 2020.

Yours truly,

Mrs Giggle aka Alyce xx


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