About Us

As a mother, I not only want the food my children eat to be as safe & as natural as possible, BUT also the dish that they are eating from!
Our Multipurpose Sustainable Tableware products are both safe & fun; made of FDA Approved Food Grade Silicone, are flexible yet stable & will last you a lifetime. In fact we’ve even given a lifetime guarantee as we are so certain these fantastic products are virtually indestructible! They are of course BPA Free, Nontoxic, & are safe for use in the Microwave, Dishwasher, Freezer & even the OVEN!
Silicone is highly durable; it endures extreme temperature fluctuations - from very cold, to oven hot - without melting, cracking, degrading or leaching off hazardous chemicals – unlike plastics. It is also bacteria, heat & stain resistant, hypoallergenic & so easy to clean! Making it especially convenient to use day in day out in your kitchen feeding hungry little mouths.
By using silicone, families can dramatically reduce their dependence on plastics & reduce their general waste footprint. For these reasons & because of its soft like rubber touch, it is the perfect material for eco-friendly & non-toxic baby & children tableware.
Giggle Australia offers a complete set of bowl, cup & spoon in four fun colors to choose from; BLUE, GREEN, PINK & PURPLE, plus a variety of value packs to suit every family’s needs!

Our bowl is designed to be ‘non tip’ & self-correcting to avoid the little ones spilling their food in those early stages of starting to eat independently, & offers small ‘handle like’ grips for them to carry. Our cup has a perfect round shape for their little hands to easily wrap around & carry themselves. The spoon is so soft for our babies’ gums, & bends with them to help scoop up their tucker! Our product will grow with your little ones for over a decade!
Please get in touch with us with any enquires you may have. We ship Australia wide!
Thank you to all our customers for their ongoing support of our brand. We hope you enjoy the products as much as we do!