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Giggle Australia is a company which is very passionate about our environment and we are doing what we can to reduce our general waste footprint. Giggle’s main goal is to promote and encourage our customers to be using reusable alternatives to plastics, especially when it comes to eating and food storage! Making more ‘eco’ conscious decisions now, is helping us contribute to a greater future for our children.




Our multipurpose, sustainable silicone tableware is both safe and fun. Made of FDA Approved Food Grade Silicone, our products are flexible yet stable and will grow with your family for years to come. They are of course BPA Free, Non-toxic and are safe for use in the Microwave, Dishwasher, Freezer and even the OVEN!





Our silicone tableware is safe for the use in the dishwasher, freezer, microwave and even the OVEN up to 220ºC. It will not leach nasty contaminates into your food as it is BPA Free, non-toxic, FDA approved, food grade silicone.  It does not retain flavours or odours.Promotes even distribution of heat and cools quickly, reducing the likelihood of burns. Extremely durable and will not crack, flake or harden over time unlike plastics. Non-stick, therefore extremely easy to clean. Environmentally friendly.

All these reasons make it especially convenient for day-in, day-out use in your kitchen feeding hungry little mouths!


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